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I found this to be an interesting article. We have the responsibility of being different in the world, yet relevant. Could you imagine Jesus having come to earth being just one or the other? If he were just different (or holy), then we wouldn’t have been able to stand him. If he were just relevant, then … well … who’d care? But he was God in the flesh, come down to spend time with fools like you and me … and for that I am glad.

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At Q, David Kinnaman, president of The Barna Group, shared the results of new research that investigated how young non-Christians perceive Christianity.

How Christianity is Perceived

Non-Christians aged 16-29 years old were asked, “What is your current perception of Christianity?”
91% said antihomosexual
87% said judgmental
85% said hypocritical
78% said old-fashioned
75% said too involved in politics
72% said out of touch with reality
70% said insensitive to others

Present-day Christianity is no longer like Jesus intended.
84% of non-Christians are friends with Christians, but 15% say the lifestyle of the Christians they know is not different.

The Truth About Christians
The top priority of Christians is not to sin, etc.
40% (roughly) of Christians want to see homosexual teachers fired from schools
40% (roughly) of Christians would rather support cancer research than AIDS research
We are much clearer with the sin of homosexuality than we are with the sin of divorce, but only 1% of Christians have prayed to address what they believe is the problem with homosexuality.

It is not us versus them but us versus us.
Matthew 23:13 (The Message) I’ve had it with you! You’re hopeless, you religion scholars, you Pharisees! Frauds! Your lives are roadblocks to God’s kingdom. You refuse to enter, and won’t let anyone else in either.

Hypocrites hurt the gospel.

The Truth About Non-Christians
80% (roughly) of non-Christians have attended a church for 3 months in their life
50% (roughly) of non-Christians have considered becoming a Christian
Many decided against Christianity because of their experiences in church. We are losing Christianity’s attraction in our culture.

Among Non-Christians Aged 16-29
3% have a favorable view of evangelicals
33% have a favorable view of homosexuals

Among Non-Christian Baby Boomers (born between ‘46 & ‘64)
25% have a favorable view of evangelicals
13% have a favorable view of homosexuals

Among Non-Christian Elders (born before ‘46)
27% have a favorable view of evangelicals
11% have a favorable view of homosexuals

What Churches Need to Do
Unfortunately, many churches are creating an arrogant image. Do we forget that it was God’s kindness that saved us? Instead of focusing on flaws, focus on potential.
The church needs to stop being “in your face” and start focusing on service, sacrifice, humility, and grace.

Ask yourself these three questions:
Are we cultivating a heart for outsiders?
What kind of Jesus are we to outsiders?
How can we become know as true Christ followers?

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